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Previous Entry Where are they now? Jan. 9th, 2006 @ 08:51 pm

I thought I'd make a post trying to record what most of the people mentioned in the interests are up to, or what bands are still active:

Well, as we probably all know, Texas have a new album out, Red Book, which apparently isn't very good.

It's difficult finding out anything about Geneva, but singer Andrew Montgomery formed a new band, Amityville ...which has now also split up. Apparently he's now a member of a gospel choir in Brighton. Hmmm

As for Gene, after they split in 2004, bassist Kevin Miles has left the music industry to become a music teacher, Martin Rossiter is working on a solo album, and guitarist Steve Mason and drummer Ed James have started another band. They don't appear to have a name yet, but are apparently playing some secret gigs this month (January 2006), and will "reveal all soon".

Puressence's founder member, guitarist Neil McDonald left in 2003 to be replaced by Lowell Killen, and the band are planning to release an new studio album at sometime this year, subject to the band winning a new record contract (they left Island/Universal after they asked them to sound more like Savage Garden). A best of has been mooted, but it seems this will only be released in mainland Europe.

Travis and Radiohead are both currently working on new albums to be released this year.

Suede split at the end of 2003, and famously Brett Anderson reconciled with original Suede guitarist Bernard Butler to form The Tears. They released their debut album in 2005 (I have to say it was fantastic; I haven't enjoyed a first album so much in years. Although technically it was their third). Brett Anderson is also recording a solo album, and Bernard Butler may return to recording material with David McAlmont or possibly a third solo album.

Manic Street Preachers have been a little quiet recently, but both singer/guitarist James Dean Bradfield and bassist Nicky Wire have been recording solo albums oddly enough. Nicky Wire's may never be released, but he did make a song available online on Christmas day. Bradfield's album should be released at some point this year.

The producer who produced all these acts in the 90s, Mike Hedges, has been a little quiet recently, though he did work with Scouse scally rockers Shack last year.


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